Wild Dutchman Seeds
     The Worlds best tasting Sunflower seeds
If you would like to order our seeds, they come in
6.5oz bags ($1.20/bag) and
13oz bags ($2.35/bag).
You can order by the case if you like.  A Case (32) of 6.5oz is $38.40 + Shipping & Handling.

A Case (34) of 13oz is $79.90 + Shipping & Handling.  

You can call us at
# 1-605-955-3310 or
email info@wilddutchman.com  with all your info.

Hope to hear from you.  We love to hear your comments.
If you eat our seeds take a photo of yourselves eating them and holding the bag while you're fishing, playing games, relaxing or whatever you are doing and send us the photo and maybe you'll see it on this web page.  Happy seed eating and photo taking.  Photos will go down below.
EVERONE in Lawrence Kansas and on the team Voted Wild Dutchman Seeds # 1...... they are AWESOME!  I am completely sold and will not eat any other kind of seed!!!  Thanks for helping us take a "piece" of South Dakota with us to the Kansas National Tournament.  Sioux Falls Fusion!!!
Special Package!!
Here is a package we can send anywhere in the US with 9 to 10-13oz. bags or 18 to 20-6.5oz bags for $32.75
Here's Randy from the Beulah, ND area holding an empty bag of his favorite brand of seeds.  Keep sending photos boys and any comments on our seeds we love to hear from you.
Our Military loves our seeds and love to send us photos.  Thanks guys.  Stay safe.
Wild Dutchman Seeds
11440 302nd Ave
Mound City, SD 57646
1-605-955-3310 toll free
Here's a couple of Hunters with their best catch of the day, but not quite a limit.
If you know anyone in the military and would like to sends seeds to them,  send us their information and a check for $28.50 and we'll ship them a box of seeds in a flat rate box as pictured above.  We can also put in a note or send a note with their information.
Steve & Scott
Sioux Fall Fusion
Need more pictures to post with our new bags.
Push for Locations of South Dakota Stores
Push for Locations of North Dakota & Minnesota
“The Texas Rattlers from Flower Mound Texas love Wild Dutchman seeds.  The team placed second in the Texas Division 1 State Championship thanks in part to the nutrition and energy of Wild Dutchman seeds!
Thanks for sponsoring us.  Coach Bill”

Hi my name is Shawn and I have a picture of my girlfriend Katie and I'm enjoying your seeds at the Canaries Baseball Game on Saturday August 1st.  Your seed are the best.

We accept Credit Cards & Debit  Cards.
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National Champion Mortsel Jr. (15-18 yr old) Baseball team showing the seeds they prefer.  It is not easy to get the seeds here in Belgium so they are greatly enjoyed! 

Wild Dutchman Seeds has gone European!!
Your seeds have made it all the way to "The Big Island" 
Here we are at Hapuna Beach State Park
I'm enjoying them!!I'

Mahalo and Aloha!

Kawaihae, Hi
Hey Chad,  Thanks for the photo of you and your gang with  Camelback Mtn. in AZ in the back ground.
Wild Dutchman Seeds have made it to Scotland.  Hope you didn't leave to many on their Golf Course.  Thanks Mark!
Hello Guys,

Nice work, your seeds are by far the best I have had... and I have had A LOT from all over the world.  I'll eat about a 13oz bag a day while flying.  An excellent way to stay alert and they taste GREAT and are even better at 30k feet (see attached picture)... I'm just worried I wont want to put them down and land  !  I have been stocking up on your seed every time I visit ND but sadly, no more trip scheduled in the near future.  So how much would it cost, including shipping, to send 10 13oz bags to Colorado Springs, CO once a month?

- Captain Flat

Picture of Joe H., Todd D., and Aaron S.
enjoying Wild Dutchman seeds in Afghanistan.
The New Bench Mark for Sunflower Seeds :)
Ben brings Wild Dutchman Seeds to Game 2 of the World Series. It had to be a great day!!
More loyal customers!
Prices:shipping not included
2.1oz Bags $.55    .26/oz
6.5oz Bags $1.20  .18/oz
13oz  Bags $2.35  .18/oz
3lb     Bags $7.20  .15/oz